OneDrive: the FREE online hard drive that no-one knows about

Have you ever wished for more storage your Windows-running PC, but you never wanted to buy a MicroSD card? Good news: Microsoft offers FREE online storage. You probably even have the app installed already on your Start screen if you’re running Windows 8.1(Windows 8, I’m not sure.) But you’ve probably never wanted to open it up, because you have no idea what it is, and you’re afraid that you might damage your computer. The app is called OneDrive, and no, it won’t damage your computer. And it’s not even close to hard to use. It offers 15GB of FREE online storage(if you want MORE, you can even pay for a lot more storage.). Have I caught your attention? If not, don’t read on. Follow this link to Microsoft’s website, if you need help using OneDrive. (Tip: if you don’t want a file one your hard drive and just want it on OneDrive{to conserve space on your PC}, then CUT, don’t copy. Then, paste on OneDrive.)

I hope this post was useful!

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-Tech Genie


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