Smooth Move, Apple: iPad Pro to mimic Microsoft Surface

With a boom in sales compared to the other Surface models, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 is catching the population’s eyes. Apple needs to bounce back, and seeing the clever Surface Pro 3 Pen and Type Cover, they decided to copy someone, for a change. Yes, the Apple iPad Pro(not official name)may feature a iPad Pro Pen(Surface Pro Pen reference?)AND a Bluetooth keyboard. Apple fans go “Whoop-whoop!”. But an iPad could never compare to a Surface Pro. And this isn’t opinion. Surface Pro is a full laptop. It runs Windows 8.1 Pro(better than your Windows operating system), features Intel Core processors, and comes with a incredibly innovative Pro Pen. Sure, a Mac could totally compare, but no, not an iPad. But Apple’s gonna decide to copy anyways. Besides, who’s gonna stop them? It’ll probably sell real well too, so why not, right?

But Apple’s iPad Pro REALLY infuriates me. I’m a proud Surface lover, and I hate to see a great tablet such as an iPad turn into something that it wishes it could be.

So when the next iPad comes out, I’m personally not gonna be happy when I see an Apple Pro Pen or an Apple Type Cover.


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