The best browser: UPDATED!

SO: last time i claimed Chrome was the best browser. Laughably, I said that Internet Explorer was the fastest browser out there. Well, I must tell you; IE is NOT the fastest browser. The fastest widely known browser, possibly. But, in the far corner, there is…

Maxthon Nitro.

Also known as MxNitro or Nitro, it’s seriously fast. I mean really fast. Faster than you can you can say “IE”. It loads webpages faster, it does everything faster. And it’s free.

Here’s the download link. I’m serious though, I’ve used it for a while, and it’s faster than any browser I’ve ever used.

The only con I see for Nitro is the addons part. Chrome still kings in this catagory. Nitro doesn’t support much(if not any)addons.

But shove that out of the way. There’s another pro. When you click the webpage box to type in a URL, a box pops out to show a couple of quick shortcuts to favorite sites that you can modify. Even more, Maxthon’s browser features a futuristic, minimalist design, that I and many users really want in a browser.

So, if you’re one of those people who care only for the speed, not any(sometimes)complicated addons, Maxthon Nitro is for you.

Got a burning question about tech? Comment your question below. Thanks!

-Tech Genie


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