Vosteran: A warning…

(Instructions for Windows operating system.)

If one day you downloaded something, and opened up a browser, and…POP! An extra tab pops up, labeled”Vosteran Search”or something related. This is a warning that you may have a virus living in your computer.

Vosteran is considered hostile to your PC. This “web search” thing has planted itself inside your drive. You probably contracted the Vosteran file from a download that you aimlessly accepted to use the search. Vosteran itself isn’t too hard to delete:but it can be extremely annoying. Here’s how to delete it.

On Windows 7:

Click Start to open the start menu. Click”Control Panel” and find”Programs”, but don’t open it. You should see”Uninstall a program”under Programs. Click that, and double-click any Vosteran-related programs to delete them.

On Windows 8.1

Slide in from from the right side of the screen(touch-screen), or put your cursor in the top-right corner of the screen(mouse or touchpad). Click or tap the Search charm, and search”control panel”. Click on Control Panel(result under the search bar). Continue with the Windows 7 instructions(start from the”find Programs” step).

What about the Windows 10 technical preview?

Don’t worry-Windows 10 and Windows 8 are very similar. You should find a Search icon somewhere, and continue with the Windows 8 steps.

If you’re done, you should find the virus that Vosteran(might)have came with. The easiest way is to install Adwcleaner(no, this download doesn’t have viruses!). For the instructions and download link, click here to check out my older post.


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