CCleaner: Better than Disk Cleanup

You may have heard about Disk Cleanup, a helpful tool available on Windows 7 and Windows 8. But, Microsoft’s tool isn’t the best at cleaning up junk files hiding on your hard drive. I present(*drumroll*)…


CCleaner cleans things that Disk Cleanup can’t, like browser caches(that can eat up gigabytes!). It also cleans app shenanigans. Here’s the download link. You will be presented with 3 versions of CCleaner. There is the standard CCleaner, which is free. Then, there is CCleaner Pro and CCleaner Pro Plus. Both these versions have free trials or you can buy them and have them forever. The Pro versions clean the most hidden junk files, and can clear up a lot more disk space. But, if you really don’t want to spend money, CCleaner will definitly do. I cleaned 5,000+ megabytes on the first clean That’s right.

5,000+ megabytes.

That equates to 5+ GB. Whoah. Now I got a lot more space on my hands!

I really reccomend CCleaner. Support them by buying the Pro versions. Thanks for reading, and I hope I helped you!

Please comment below if you have a question about tech you want answered by me. Please include the question!(duh.)


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