Note Edge and S6 Edge: There’s a difference

When I first learned about the Samsung S6 Edge I said “What? There’s a Note Edge and a S6 edge? I’m confused.” Now I know the difference, and I’m willing to explain it.

The Note Edge is just like the other Samsung Note models. It comes with a S Pen that can be inserted into a slit in the phone, and the Note models have a larger screen size than normal Galaxy S phones.

The S6 Edge has a standard screen size for Galaxy S phones and does not come with and is not compatible with an S Pen.

Both phones have curves at both sides, but the S6 Edge’s curves do not have any purpose other than to attract the eye. The Note Edge’s slanted sides, however,  do have functionality and acts like a control center. You can tap icons on the curved sides to open an app, for example, you can put the Mail app on the edge and open it from anywhere.

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