1 month with Kaspersky Anti-virus

I’ve recently purchased a 1-year subscription to Kaspersky Anti-Virus, and I must say it’s a lot better than McAfee, my previous anti-virus.


When your PC is infected with a virus and your anti-virus detects it, McAfee’s virus removal tool is very lousy. It cannot remove a large variety of viruses, and McAfee always pops up on your screen to tell you to remove a non-existent virus or a virus that you’ve already removed. Kaspersky Anti-Virus removes the majority of viruses and never gives you buggy and annoying pop-ups on your screen when you’re busy.


Pretty much all anti-virus programs are a pain to install, and Kaspersky is no exception. It tells you to remove incompatible programs on your computer that sometimes don’t exist. McAfee takes a painfully long time and is very large.


Sometimes, anti-virus programs like McAfee take a LONG time to scan your PC for viruses. Not Kaspersky. Sure, it might take an hour~ to scan your entire drive, but a quick scan is painless and takes less than a minute. I’ve found McAfee scanning is annoying and just plain BAD.

So, Which one would you buy-McAfee or Kaspersky Anti-Virus?


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