The new Macbook: Apple went over the top

If the the Macbook Air and Pro weren’t pricey enough, Apple just pushed the limits. They raised the price of the new 12-inch Ultrabook from $999.99(cheapest Macbook Air) to $1199.99. And don’t buy this product because of its looks. Let’s have a look inside…


To not make this complicated let’s start this way: the new Macbook is not worth your money. It’s basically a worse Macbook Air (in terms of specs) stripped of it’s full size USB ports just to be made thinner.


To make it the skinniest Macbook ever, Apple just decided to remove the fans. To prevent the laptop from overheating, Apple replaced it’s powerful Intel Core i5 processor in the $1000 Macbook Air and instead put in the Intel Core M processor. This processor is designed for fanless laptops, like the new Macbook. It must be weaker than a processor designed for laptops with fans to prevent excessive heat from destroying the computer. There you have it. A weaker processor.


Because of the laptop’s thinness, the big fruit had to remove some ports from the computer too. There are no full size USB ports present, only a USB Type-C port (so you can’t plug in your USB flash drive into the laptop), and as far as I know, no Thunderbolt port. There are only 2 ports on the Macbook-a USB Type-C(already explained)and a headphone jack(this is not including the charge port). Again, worse Macbook for $200 more.


People have been paying so much attention at the Apple product’s looks that they didn’t even realize that the old HD 1080P Facetime camera got downgraded to 720P. Now there isn’t much quality to this laptop, is there?

To sum it all up, Apple has created a thinner, lighter laptop by stripping away all the interior hadware. Translated: don’t buy the new Macbook.


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