Windows 10 is perfect for Windows 7 users

Since Windows 8 was the holy grail of OS mess-ups, Microsoft doesn’t want a repeat. They want a successful OS like Windows 7. And so far, Windows 10 is going all in the right direction.


Windows 8 occupies less than 20% of PC operating systems while Windows 7 occupies more than 70%. So, Microsoft is aiming at Windows 7 audiences by bringing back the beloved Start menu while not forgetting the people that DO like Windows 8(like me)by having an option for the Start screen and not removing the Charms bar. And this OS has many more features, and it’s free for the 1st year of release(although you probably know this already).

What I mean by that is that for a year from it’s release it will cost money. But in the 1st year, you can download it and have it forever, for free.

This is absolutely perfect for Windows 7 users who want a taste of new features and get the familiar stuff they used to have. Windows 10 is a perfect blend of their latest OSes and will be extremely popular.

So if you have Windows 7 and thinking about an OS update, Windows 10 is for you.


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