Get Flash on iPhone: Puffin web browser

Have you ever thought that Flash on Apple devices was impossible? No more: Puffin browser is out and about.

Puffin browser has built-in Flash Player, so you can get in on your favorite games on the iPad, iPhone or iPod. So get hammerin’ into Impossible Quiz. Great, how you can web games this on the go now! Puffin web browser also has some extensions  built in to activate at any time, like Pocket. You can also pull up an on-screen keyboard at any time, and even pull out a mouse trackpad and a GamePad! So many features!

There are 2 versions of Puffin-Puffin Free, which tells you to sign in every time you open it(even though you can deny to sign in), and there’s Puffin, without any popups or any other annoying things. Both versions have built in extensions, so the free version will definitely do for most people.


Games that require a keyboard all the time will probably not be very enjoyable on iDevices. The keyboard will take up half the screen, which is annoying. But games like Town Of Salem and The Impossible Quiz will still work!

Note: I’m going on a week’s vacation, so I won’t be posting. Bye! -Tech Genie


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