The new Surface 3: Announced

Notice: It was a really big pain to find a Surface 3 pic, since it was announced recently. The picture above is of the Surface Pro 3 pen and Type Cover.

Surprise! Even though Microsoft cut the Surface RT and 2 from shelves, they plan to change the horrible reputation non-Pro Surface tablets have. No, this new hybrid does NOT run on Windows RT.

The new Surface 3 is nothing similar to the previous Surface line(not Surface Pro). It runs Windows 8.1 instead of RT, which if you ask me, is a huge improvement. Second, the Surface 3 is provided with a pen, just like the quality Surface Pro line of tablets. The new Type Cover that is compatible with the new tablet pleats like the Surface Pro 3, to allow better lap use. Even better, it comes with a full year subscription to Office 365. I’ll roll down a few specs below:

Cameras: 8 MP(back), 3.5 MP(front)

Processor: Intel quad-core Atom x7(Cherry Trail)

Display: 10.8 inch, 1920×1280(HD Plus)

OS: Windows 8.1, free upgrade to Windows 10 at release

Models: 2GB RAM-64GB storage(SSD) / 4GB RAM-128GB storage(SSD)

Price: $499.99 / $599.99

4G / LTE models: Yes(adds $99.99 to the price of either models)

Pen: Yes

Battery Life: Full Day(10 hour. Varies)

Weight: 622 grams

Kickstand: 3-position

I’ll update this with more specs when they are released! If you want more info, check out a post at Techradar


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