iTunes vs. Play Music vs. Xbox music: Which one is the best?

This is it-the battle of the music services. Who will emerge as the victor? Well first, let’s look at some facts:

iTunes: Pros: Downloaded songs can be played of Wi-Fi, free Song of The Week, huge selection of songs, you can buy individual songs, etc.

Cons: You have to buy almost everything, expensive, no free streaming, no free trial

Google Play Music: Pros: Free trial(streaming), streaming is free on Wi-Fi, downloaded songs can be played off Wi-Fi, you can buy individual songs, etc.

Cons: Small selection of songs

Xbox Music: Pros: Free trial(Xbox Music Pass{streaming, Xbox radio}), you can download songs that aren’t on the store, songs that aren’t in the store can still be played like regular purchased songs, you can play downloaded songs of Wi-Fi, etc.

Cons: Xbox Radio is crummy and random, Xbox Music Pass is expensive

Now, let’s sum it up now: iTunes is a great music provider, but it’s very expensive to purchase albums and even individual songs. Google Play Music is awesome, with a free trial for 31-day radio with unlimited skips. Some elements are similar to iTunes, but sometimes items are cheaper. Xbox Music is ABSOLUTELY MIND-BLOWING, giving you the ability to play downloaded third-party songs(bought or free)like you purchased it in the store, playing it when your device is asleep, your away from the app, etc. This means you can have any song in the world on Xbox Music. BIGGEST. SELECTION. EVER,

The only big con with Xbox Music is it’s extremely messed up radio. Although it does have unlimited skips like Google’s radio, it prompts you to choose an artist to play their songs through the radio, which is normal. But then it goes on and plays random songs, out of place, nothing alike the songs you wanted it to play. For example, if I wanted Xbox Radio to play Coldplay, it would play a few songs by Coldplay, and then it plays “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley.

Oh, yeah, and Half-Life 3 was just announced! Check out the trailer! But seriously, can you believe it, that Half-Life 3 was just ANNOUNCED?

R      I       C      K                R       O     L   L!   April fools! ^_^


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