Apple really likes realism, and a new model of the Macbook announced

Apple now wants to show the public how much they pay attention to detail by taking over 24,000 images of an actual flower blooming and putting them all together in an animation for a Apple Watch background. It also took around 285 days to take all those photos.

They could have just made a CGI (computer-generated image) flower background, which would have saved them lots of time and money, but NOOOO, Apple wants quality, right?

If they’re willing to spend that much time filming a flower, why not put some time into making a decent new Macbook? Speaking of the Macbook, Apple has just announced a new model of the 2015 Ultrabook: A faster one with a 1.3 GHz Intel Core M processor instead of a laggy 1.1GHz version. But it’ll cost you a lot for this new model: $250 more than the already-pricey $1,200 entry-level laptop.

-The new Macbook is just plain outdated

Sources: Techradar


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